In March 2011, Reza Pakravan embarked on his expedition and set the Guinness World Record for “Fastest Crossing of the Sahara Desert by Bicycle”.  His journey took 13 days 5 hours 50 minutes and 14 seconds and covered 1,084 miles (1,734 km) of gruelling pedalling from Algeria to Sudan .

Expedition's day by day details on FaceBook

4 Guinness World Records™ Confirms 15.July 2011

Reza Pakravan has set a new record for the Fastest crossing of the Sahara desert by bicycle. Ream more.

4Expedition Photos and Videos  20.March 2011
Check out Expedition photos on Media page and watch videos from the road on FaceBook.

4Reza finishes the journey!  17.March 2011
Reza cycled 106 miles in the last day of his journey and finished at N17 59 at 3:33 GMT. He cycled the biggest desert in n the world in nearly two weeks. You can read all his daily updates from the road on Cycling Sahara FaceBook page.

4Expedition continues in Sudan  14.March 2011
Reza has landed in Khartoum and is heading north to Wadi Halfa. Going North meant hitting the real desert close to heavily military presence close to the Egyptian border. Find his latest position on GoogleMap:

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4Follow Reza via GPS !   7.March 2011
Check out Reza's latest position on GoogleMaps via GPS. Tonight he's stopping in a desert town called "En Salah", as he writes in his latest post in Cycling Sahara FaceBook page:

"...I'm in En Salah - a real desert town in the middle of Algeria and I just had my first shower in a few days. It was so rock n roll. I had to queue up for an hour with 50 Algerian men. What is surprising is that everything is so clean. You can even drink the tap water..."

Read Reza's daily updates and follow his latest GPS positions in our FaceBook page.

4The journey has started   3.March 2011
The expedition is officially begun in Algeria. Check out Reza's latest FaceBook posts from Algeria, the first leg of his journey through the Sahara.

4Follow Cycling Sahara on FaceBook!  19.Februrary 2011
Join us on FaceBook and follow the journey with daily updates and news from Reza.
4Countdown   12.Februrary 2011
The expedition date is provisionally set for 1st March subject to obtaining visas. Reza is currently at the peak of his training regime whilst working round the clock to prepare for his extreme expedition.
4Expedition's Map   6.Februrary 2011
A detailed expedition map has been submitted to the Guinness World Record. The route complies with their requirements although it has had to be changed several times to avoid hostile countries like Mali and Niger.
4Welcome to   31.January 2011

Follow Reza’s expedition through the Sahara Desert here at  where you can find all the information about his journey.


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